Thanks to History Channel's initiative, we are proud to inaugurate a series of producted by us: Templar Territory. The series, which consists of 6 episodes, takes us to Maestrazgo, a region of eastern Spain that condenses many castles, commanderies, villages and territories, that once were owned by the Templar. Many of these, may even have been forgotten if it were not for their connection with the Templars. Some were conquered, others exchanged and, those who didn't suffered neither one nor the other fate, were bought. When Templars disappeared, the Order of Montesa, their material successors, inherited aforementioned great riches. Magic, alchemy, initiatory paths, black virgins... History has bequeathed us a truth; wrote by Templars' destroyers. The time has come to discover another one, the truth of the people who disappeared for an unjust cause, the truth of those who were born and died for an ambition. " The Order will never die"; these were the last words of the Grand Master Templar Jacques de Molay. How is it possible for an order of warrior monks to be so shrouded in mystery?